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  • Practice for Solstice. “Earth, Mother Goddess and the Sun”

    The energy of Solstice is both about maximum light and darkness, to both sow seeds and to harvest material results, in any way you wish to view things. Above all, it is about celebration, and within this too, communication between All that needs to occur, to bring Spirit into materiality, naturally. In your practice todaqy, […]

  • There is Only Love. And the Opposite to Love isn’t Hate (It’s Loss).

    At the beginning and end of Life, there is only Love. You give so much of yourself, because you Love. You do your best, because you Love. You often endure too, because you Love. You fear too, because you Love. It is the energy that holds the highest vibration in our world, the most dynamically […]

  • Meet Our Inspirational Photographers.

    You’ll have seen over the years how all my work has always been illuminated by inspiriational art in the form of photos. Each picture in its own way evokes magick and tells it’s own story, connect you with a specific awareness – or energy – sometimes too they ask a question that you take away […]



Internationally-recognised Master Teacher & Healer, Mentor for Strategic Business, Personal Growth and Conflict Resolution, Anna Hughes.

The work of Anna Hughes is about connecting with your inner self, to find and use your voice in cooperation with the higher awareness of your intuition, otherwise known as the voice of your Soul. Conscious connection with this leads you to being able to see a much, much larger picture of Life than meets the eye, to see your life clearly in context with all that is, and then to use this clarified vision to make deliberate choices. All done in the energy of Unconditional Compassionate Love.

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Anna came into my life at a difficult moment, at a time when my frustration with work, my relationships and life overall seemed overwhelming.Anna’s principles, so simple and yet so wise, have made me look at myself and my life from a completely different angle.With the Light, there came Love and Forgiveness to myself and all around, and then came Acceptance hand in hand with the Gratitude. All these amazing, deep feelings lifted me far higher than I ever imagined.

- Veronica Semenova

Caroline Dusee from the Netherlands shares value of what she experienced whilst working together with Anna Hughes in terms of spirituality, growth and Love. Working together was”an absolutely amazing experience,” she said. “I was just laying down, she didn’t say much. She was just putting her hands above or on me and my energy was completely resetting from a fear-based energy with things from the past to something so peaceful. Especially what I do remember is being so completely in the moment. It felt like an energy that was mine but that I was already capable to feel because she was resetting it in my body which was an amazing experience.” Watch the video above to hear Caroline speak more about how such simple steps had such accurate and profound results.

- Caroline Dusee