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Living Spirituality

Live Your Love. And Make a Difference to Your World

Here’s a question for us all.If everyone did just one thing, regularly, to bring about change, how would our world be? In one year? Three? Five? And more.You see, I’ve been noticing more and more how people either don’t see (or don’t want to see) what’s really happening in our world today, or they are…
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How Do You Love?

ListenHere’s a question for you.In the Cycle of Life, how do you Love?Love is, of course, the universal force. It heals, it grows, it too paints very many colours into which you fit your Life.It is the energy with which you are all intended to build your life.It can also be immensely destructive (but only when…
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Surrendering Too Is An Aspect of Inner Strength. And the Beginnings of Many Important Conversations with Spirit (Yours).

Have you ever had a time when it seemed like your world was falling down? That whatever you did, nothing worked?That the whole framework of your existence was collapsing on itself?Can be scary as the one thing all humans seek is security.When that’s taken away by circumstance, whatever, it can leave you grasping at something,…
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Surrendering Too Is A Sign of Inner Strength. And the Beginnings of Many Important Conversations with Spirit (Yours).

We have experienced that moment “This is not going the way you think?” That whatever you did, nothing worked? That the whole framework of your existence just collapsed on itself?That the whole framework of your existence was collapsing on itself?Can be scary as the one thing all humans seek is security.When that’s taken away by…
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Virtual Year End Gathering – Stepping into 2018 in the Light of Compassion and Love of Self

Thank you everyone who stepped into this beautiful Circle in the Light of Compassion and Love of Self. It was a great privilege to have led it.Certainly 2018 started with a bang for me and I know for several of you too, with some unforeseen events that when you catch your breath and open your…
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Emergence. Life is Good and All is Well. Interconnection of Energy, Space, Light and Letting Go.

At this time of year, all remains interconnected as is All of Life. Christmas is connected to New Moon, Solstice, New Year and Full Moon just after. It’s about trust and clear focus moving forward. Lots of different layers here, and some belief systems being triggered and that’s ok. You have to move the energy…
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How Much Do You REALLY Trust in Spirit (Yourself)?

Don’t you love celebrations? I do. I love all of them, whether they are Christmas, Diwali, Eid, birthdays – whatever. Whatever it is that we’re celebrating, what we’re really celebrating is Life. And within this we celebrate Love.And whenever we come together, we celebrate community too.Here’s the thing, though.What if we didn’t need a reason…
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Short and Dynamic Practice (5mins) to Review Your Year and Chart Your Growth.

Here’s something for you to review your year and to see everything in context. Challenging it may undoubtedly have been in some ways, intriguing in others, I’m sure this year your life encompassed All That Is in your world.Enjoy the gentleness of insights arising from this sacred space, and feel peace for times yet to…
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Enjoy the Lights in Your Hearts. It’s Time.

Go on. What are you waiting for? Treat yourself. It’s been a good year. Challenging, tough too perhaps, but essentially, when you’re able to see a much bigger picture to the human journey, it’s certainly been expansive.Life’s journey is never easy. it’s never intended to be. Ease is always most appreciated when seen through the…
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Practice. Re-Membrance into Peace. Creating More Space in Which To Feel and Send Love.

This weekend is about Remembrance. It’s dedicated to those who gave so much in war, so that the rest may have peace. Conflict continues in our world though, it has never stopped and honestly, I don’t believe it ever will.You can, however, create Peace within yourself by sitting in your own Stillness, and reflect quietly…
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Internationally-recognised Master Teacher & Healer, Mentor for Strategic Business, Personal Growth and Conflict Resolution, Anna Hughes.

The work of Anna Hughes is about connecting with your inner self, to find and use your voice in cooperation with the higher awareness of your intuition, otherwise known as the voice of your Soul. Conscious connection with this leads you to being able to see a much, much larger picture of Life than meets the eye, to see your life clearly in context with all that is, and then to use this clarified vision to make deliberate choices. All done in the energy of Unconditional Compassionate Love.

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Anna came into my life at a difficult moment, at a time when my frustration with work, my relationships and life overall seemed overwhelming.Anna’s principles, so simple and yet so wise, have made me look at myself and my life from a completely different angle.With the Light, there came Love and Forgiveness to myself and all around, and then came Acceptance hand in hand with the Gratitude. All these amazing, deep feelings lifted me far higher than I ever imagined.

- Veronica Semenova

Caroline Dusee from the Netherlands shares value of what she experienced whilst working together with Anna Hughes in terms of spirituality, growth and Love. Working together was”an absolutely amazing experience,” she said. “I was just laying down, she didn’t say much. She was just putting her hands above or on me and my energy was completely resetting from a fear-based energy with things from the past to something so peaceful. Especially what I do remember is being so completely in the moment. It felt like an energy that was mine but that I was already capable to feel because she was resetting it in my body which was an amazing experience.” Watch the video above to hear Caroline speak more about how such simple steps had such accurate and profound results.

- Caroline Dusee