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Introduction to the Simplicity of Healing. Part 1. What It Is and When Is It Needed.

15All healing really is about one thing – resolution. Listen here to Anna explain that we are all born with an inherent self of self, but lose as we grow up due to being caught by other people’s belief systems, how we give this away in order to fit in and then of course the…
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Practice to Heal Your Heart with Love. Allow Your Own Healing Energy to Arise and Bring You to a Peace.

A gentle practice where you acknowledge yourself in terms of seeing, knowing and loving Self. All has to be accepted in the Light of all aspects of material Spirit as being valid in the fullness of Life experience, part of the human history of you. You allow the feelings to arise, and feel them in…
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Connecting Your Spiritual Heart with Life, the World. Living Well. Celebrating your Journey.

“In the world of infinite potential, for choice to occur you only need first to be willing to see, in order to look,” Anna HughesPrefer to read? Scroll down! I have a question for you today.What draws you to Spirit? Spirituality?It’s just a question, to open up your view.What is it that you find interesting, even…
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Practice to Connect to Your Compassionate Heart. Stillness and Simple Knowing – of Delight, Simplicity, Joy and Love

There are several different meanings to compassion, the one we’re looking at here is holding your ability to keep an open and flexible mind so that you can easily maintain your inner space and clarity. Herein too, amongst your inner stillness, you feel a deep sense of connection with Self, Spirit and All That Is,…
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Home Study. Meeting the Future With Confidence

Confidence comes when you’re fully present right here, right now; and when you are able to harness the mind to be present with you on the understanding that nothing happens in the future. Listen here to learn how, with a disciplined mind that focuses on what-is, rather that what-if and what-should-be, you will find that…
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Love Is Who You Are and All That Is. Time for a New Cycle of Adventure.

As I look at the calendar I’m reminded of that time is marching relentlessly on. We are now looking at October and I remember very clearly preparing for New Year 2017. At this rate it’ll only be five minutes until we ring in the 2018…..How have you done? What have you achieved? How important has…
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Exploring Negativity – Part 2 is To Know How To Turn This Into Opportunity

Life is intended to be fun, most of all to be enjoyed – not endured. When you’re following a spiritual path, it can be so easy to judge so many things about your human journey. In this quick teaching, Anna explains how to easily uplift yourself from ingrained negative behavior – and turn it into…
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Exploring Negativity – Part 1 Is to Define It. A Teaching From Sacred Woman Moon Wisdom Circle

Have you noticed just how many people are so negative so much of the time? Including, I suppose, sometimes (often?) yourself. Would you like to know what drives it? Here’s a quick 5-minute answer that will help you understand it and therefore manage yourself in these situations.This teaching is a part of our women’s wisdom…
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Moving Towards Your Visions. Awareness of Potential Roadblocks

We spoke last time about going after your dream, whatever that may be. As you’re doing this, it’s a good idea to remember a few things, so this journey remains joyful. The first is that bringing through your dream or vision is a journey. It evolves as you evolve, and you evolve as it evolves….This…
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Internationally-recognised Master Teacher & Healer, Mentor for Strategic Business, Personal Growth and Conflict Resolution, Anna Hughes.

The work of Anna Hughes is about connecting with your inner self, to find and use your voice in cooperation with the higher awareness of your intuition, otherwise known as the voice of your Soul. Conscious connection with this leads you to being able to see a much, much larger picture of Life than meets the eye, to see your life clearly in context with all that is, and then to use this clarified vision to make deliberate choices. All done in the energy of Unconditional Compassionate Love.

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Anna came into my life at a difficult moment, at a time when my frustration with work, my relationships and life overall seemed overwhelming.Anna’s principles, so simple and yet so wise, have made me look at myself and my life from a completely different angle.With the Light, there came Love and Forgiveness to myself and all around, and then came Acceptance hand in hand with the Gratitude. All these amazing, deep feelings lifted me far higher than I ever imagined.

- Veronica Semenova

Caroline Dusee from the Netherlands shares value of what she experienced whilst working together with Anna Hughes in terms of spirituality, growth and Love. Working together was”an absolutely amazing experience,” she said. “I was just laying down, she didn’t say much. She was just putting her hands above or on me and my energy was completely resetting from a fear-based energy with things from the past to something so peaceful. Especially what I do remember is being so completely in the moment. It felt like an energy that was mine but that I was already capable to feel because she was resetting it in my body which was an amazing experience.” Watch the video above to hear Caroline speak more about how such simple steps had such accurate and profound results.

- Caroline Dusee